Call Centre Manager (JHB)

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Date Posted: 12-01-2018
Job Description – Call Centre Manager
Overview of Responsibilities
The incumbent of this position will assume operational responsibility for all facets of the call centre environment, through ensuring that the call centre operations adhere to service, quality and performance standards established; that high levels of professional conduct is observed and maintained in every aspect of call centre functioning, and that the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and economy are observed at all times.
 The responsibilities of the position will inter alia consist of overseeing the implementation of key programmer and projects pursuant of the strategic objectives adopted,through controlling outcomes of all work assigned to managers, and employees comprising the production team (call centre); specific emphasis's placed on controlling all business processes associated with data validation, planning, campaign developments, bulk campaign executions, work allocations, supervision of production teams, and review of all actions per account assigned, management of all matter status reports, and associated statuses, and ensuring that appropriate definitive action is taken against each account every month; the incumbent will likewise assume responsibility for executing and managing new handovers, validating monthly balance adjustments and processing of monthly receipting files to ensure that every account assigned to a portfolio is reconciled so as to inform planning requirements for the following month; where required the incumbent will in conjunction with the CLO ensure that all reporting requirements imposed by the client and the COO are strictly adhered to. In addition the incumbent will assume overall responsibility for collection performance of all portfolio’s assigned ensuring compliance with client, and company expectations. All actions and activities must be conducted in a professional manner and in strict compliance with the Debt Collectors Act, and  Human Resources Policy manual, and operations procedural manuals.
Duties & Responsibilities:
The duties outlined below are minimum requirements which may be varied from time to time after consultation with the incumbent.
Minimum Specific duties
  • Data Validation- New Handovers- Manage and where required attend to segmentation analysis aimed at validating all source data in compliance with the companies standard operating procedure; performance manage the importation of accounts within Excalibur that comply fully with source data requirements that will enable key actions to be initiated; accounts structures that don’t comply with source data requirements must be submitted for contact trace, specialized erf trace, deeds tracing or hard contact tracing in full compliance with the approved SOP.Ensure that all source data is balanced against Excalibur and that all control sheets are completed and stored with source data under the U Drive.
  • –Prepare and submit a consolidated monthly work plan to the COO in the specified format to allow for detailed monitoring and management of the work throughout the month. Monthly action plans must respond to key strategies formulated to address specific opportunities/ key risk areas, whilst addressing standardized actions in line with the approved SOP in line with the status of each account ensuring that every account is worked monthly, and that actions are escalated in line with the companies SOP.
  • Work allocation – on a monthly, weekly and daily basis, review the work allocation set in the monthly plan and take into account any new instructions from the client, unusual work interruptions and staff movements such as new appointments, resignations, sick leave, annual leave and client imposed constraints. Ensure that the monthly plan, at a minimum is achieved by way of the work allocation and feedback.
  • Status Management- Assume overall responsibility for auditing action status as presented by the Supervisor Call Centre; Attend to and manage all status changes in line with outcomes of various campaigns, and actions all of which must comply with the companies policies; Ensure the appropriate auctioning of status amendments and ensure that all action status and associated subsequent actions are managed and implemented in line with approved monthly planner.
  • Payment Files – Ensure the receipt of all monthly payment files; issue instructions to team leaders where required to prepare and reconcile all monthly payment file. Effective oversight of all payment file calculation ensuring that all payments are identified and appropriately accounted for; Transmit payment files to MIS for updating within Excalibur. Send the payment file to Finance for invoicing. Receive confirmations from MIS and evidence that total transaction values are per original submission have been processed; attend to the sign off and filing of all payment files as per the companies procedures
  • Balance adjustments – After the payment files are verified and loaded onto Excalibur, adjust Excalibur balances in order for Excalibur to align with the Clients billing system( age-analysis); verified files based on monthly age-analysis are to be transmitted to MIS for updating within Excalibur. Cognizance must be taken of balancing individual debtor balance to be in line with outstanding balances on the client furnished age-analysis monthly as per the conditions imposed on individual clients SLA. Monthly age-analysis per client is to be safely stored on the u Drive; balances per debtor as contained within Excalibur must be verified and total balance per book verified and signed off monthly, proof of verification must be placed on file for audit purposes.
  • Query management – ensure that all debtor queries are recorded in line with the clients’ procedures and that systems are implemented to manage (query clerks) and monitor the status, ageing and resolution of all queries. The Query Status Report must be delivered to the COO on a weekly basis. These queries must be followed up with the clients’ official responsible for query resolution and undue delays in resolution must be reported to the COO. This function will demand an in depth knowledge of the bodies of law governing municipalities, including the Municipal Systems Act, The Municipal Finance Management Act and the Municipal Property Rates Act
  • Requests for cut offs and water restrictions – assume responsibility for the identification and management ( implementation) of prepaid vending blocking, and the formal disconnection of supply of services in compliance with individual clients SLA requirements; assume full responsibility for the control frameworks to be employed on site to ensure that adequate controls in the form of AOD, debit order authorisations and the payment of down payments to effect a reconnection are in place prior to authorization being provided for the reconnection of supplies. Manage formal communciations, ensuring appropriate instructions with source evidence( notices) are provided to client; control outcomes from clients ensuring actions are being implemented timeously and in compliance with protocols established.
  • Bulk Campaigns ­– Implement and take operational responsibility for all bulk campaigns on a weekly/monthly basis in accordance with monthly planners developed; solicit client authority/ instructionwrt ITC listing, cut off, prepaid vending blocking and proposed legal prior to effecting actions; all authorisations must be filed for audit and reference purposes under U Drive.
  • Managing Campaigns – Manage all campaigns in line with the monthly planner, ensuring that all actions are being performed monthly. SMS, Call and letter campaigns; all variables are to be transmitted to MIS department for updating of key actions within excalibur.
  • – assume responsibility for the collections performance on all portfolio’s assigned. Performance will be measured against performance expectations defined as per individuals SLA requirements, in conjunction with  performance expectations as defined with the approved budgets; minimum performance expectations are to deliver an average yield of 2% of the outstanding  active book value.
  • Accounts submitted for closing – assume final responsibility for authorizing that accounts be closed on the the companies systems and that the instruction to CLIENTS be given to withdraw the account. This must be done only after all the company and CLIENTS protocols have been applied and when there is no further likelihood of recovery on these accounts; all recommendations for RFC must be validated and presented with supporting evidence to the client monthly.
  • – Assume responsibility for daily, weekly and adhoc reporting as relates to all matters assigned, and in compliance with SLA requirements and the companies operational requirements; where required action specific information requests that emanate from the COO and Client Liaison Officer. Monthly feedback reports on all planned activities are to be submitted to COO monthly together with key commentary.
Reporting structure:
  • Report to COO
  • Directors
  • COO
  • CLO
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Consultants
  • Financial and Administration Manager and staff
  • It Support
  • Client
  • Debtors
  • 3rd Party service providers (tracers, document delivery agents etc)
Key requirements
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience within a supervisory capacity, preferably within a well- established collections firm;
  • Previous experience of 8 years in a collections environment a pre-requisite
  • Grade 12 plus a national diploma or degree related to credit control and debt collection/ finance.
  • Registrated as a Debt Collector with the Debt Collectors Council / eligible to register
  • Driver’s license
  • Own car
  • Basic Math/Accounting
  • Good understanding of Local Government
  • Understanding of Revenue Management Processes
  • Good knowledge of Municipal Policies and Bylaws
  • Advanced understanding of all laws governing the collections environment
  • Understanding and implementing KPI’s in terms of an SLA
  • Good communication skills
  • Intermediate Excel Skills.
  • Honesty and the ability to keep information private
  • Reliable, helpful and able to work well under pressure
  • Understanding, patient and good at listening
  • An awareness and understanding of a variety of cultures
  • Approachable, thorough, methodical, predictable, self-disciplined, patient, logical, careful, diplomatic and conventional in approach
  • Moderation, consistency and the ability to tie up all the loose ends and finish a job will be of importance as well
  • Maintaining quality and standards
  • The ability to communicate constant progress
  • The ability to cope with a diversity of tasks
  • The ability to be flexible with interruptions during working routine
  • The ability to meet deadlines
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