Senior IT Support Technician JHB

Location: Gauteng, JHB, South Africa
Date Posted: 08-03-2018
Job Title: Senior IT Support Technician  
  • Using all IT-related knowledge and skills to install new equipment at customer sites, ensuring good governance is applied at all times
  • Reviewing the IT Helpdesk and addressing and resolving all calls that have been assigned to you by the Help Desk Agent.
  • When handling calls for users, there is responsibility for meeting customer satisfaction expectations and continuous service delivery demands.
  • Provide first and second line support for users within the customer environment.
  • Provide first line support on 3rd party contract within customer environment, manage Service Level Agreements of 3rd Party Contracts within the customer environment.
  • Provide support and maintenance for servers within the customer environment
  • Follow current checklists for processes and activities in the customer environment to ensure good governance is applied, at all times.
  • Maintain back-ups for customer environments and complete backup reporting, as per the customer requirements.
  • Monitor and Maintain the Anti-virus in the customer environment
  • Monitor Firewall logs for possible attacks in the environment
  • Perform Daily, Weekly or Monthly reporting as required by the customer.
  • IT Tertiary qualification
  • MS Qualification
  • At least 5years’ experience as a Mid-level IT Support Technician
  • At least 2 years’ experience as a Senior IT Support Technician
  • Preferably, working in an IT company servicing more than one IT environment
  • Strong Customer Service
Skills and Competencies:
  • Good time management.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Administration
  • Conflict management skills.
  • Good communication, interpersonal and listening skills.
  • Knowledge of data information management systems.
  • Ability to work under extreme pressure.
  • Flexibility and willingness to work beyond official working times.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Self-motivation, ability to take initiative and work without supervision.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Ability to work with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.
  • Task orientation results focus and accountability.

Job Outputs and Quality Requirements:
Output Quality Requirements
Measurements: How will we measure the outputs?
Standards: What are the best practices standards for the outputs?
New equipment (printers, PC’s, Mobile phones, servers etc)
  • Using checklists supplied, load new equipment to the correct specifications, timely
  • Ensure all software in loaded correctly and in terms of Licensing Laws
  • Communicate to various stakeholders on the progress of the equipment being loaded
  • Handover new equipment to relevant person and ensure a checklist is signed by the person
  • Handle any issues that might be experiencing and address them accordingly
  • Ensure that Customer process and procedure is followed with new equipment.
Logged Calls
  • Review Helpdesk regularly throughout the day
  • Answer all calls that are logged or assigned for the  third line support, timeously and within the procedural deadline
  • Resolve 3rd line calls timeously and to a conclusion. Communicate to the end user once the call has been closed and resolved. The call is only closed once the end user is happy with the resolution.
  • Follow up on open calls regularly to ensure that calls are closed within timeframes
  • Communicate back to the customer on resolution or next steps
  • If Mid-level IT Support Technicians are not available, handle and resolve 1st&2nd line supports calls to the conclusion, timeously.
  • Ensure all calls and work completed is logged on the Help Desk so that it can be tracked and reported on
IT Environment Maintenance 
  • Using good governance, ensure the IT server environment is maintained as required
  • Conduct regular server maintenance to ensure the server environment is functioning and is up for up to at least 95% of the time.
  • Handle any calls logged for server issues timeously
  • Communicate to the customer at all times
  • Ensure backups run correctly daily,
    • Review backup reports daily to ensure all backups were run successfully
    • If there are any issues with backups, report these immediately to Management
    • Resolve any issues associated with backups as soon as possible
    • Run back up – restores monthly to ensure backups are running successfully and can be used in the case of lost data
    • Produce monthly reports for backups and distribute them to the relevant stakeholders (AOS, Britehouse, Advancement).
  • Load servers using the checklists provided to ensure that it is loaded correctly.
  • Ensure printers are running properly
  • Ensure LAN and WAN is working at all times
  • Handle any equipment or environment escalations from the team to resolution.
  • Produce reports as required
  • Firewall maintenance and monitoring
  • Ensure that customer Environment are patched and updated regularly:
    • Operating System, Antivirus, Other requirements.
  • Develop checklists for all equipment installations or processes and procedures for the customer
  • Ensure these checklists are signed off by the relevant stakeholders and then implemented into the customer environment
  • Maintain the checklists throughout the year and ensure they remain valid
  • If improvements can be made to the current checklists, these are to be communicated to your line manager.
Change Control
  • Institute change control process in the customer environment and ensure that it is used whenever there is any change made to the environment. If no change control process followed, disciplinary action should follow
  • Process:
    • Fill in the detailed change control form and get it signed off by the relevant stakeholders
    • Conduct the change in the environment and monitor the change
    • Report back on the success/ failure of the change and follow the relevant process to fix or embed the change
    • Record the success/ failure of the change and with mitigating factors that could contribute to the success/ failure.
  • Create a knowledge tree repository from the successful or failed changes completed in the environment for future use and reference
  • Ensure that Skill sets are kept current and relevant to customer sites and technologies within the ICT Environment.
Time Management
  • Ensure that you are at the scheduled customer within the correct time frames.
  • Conduct research as required to solve any issues that arise in the customer environment
  • Always stay abreast of new technologies etc within the customer environment and IT industry and make suggestions to Service Delivery Manager to suggest to customer
  • Assist with anything that is required by the IT department or the company and within skill level
  • Ensure that Customer process and procedure is followed
  • Attend department or company meetings or socials regularly
  • Adhear to Office Policies and Procedures
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