Events and meeting co-ordinator (JHB)

Location: Johannesburg, parktown, South Africa
Date Posted: 16-05-2018
To provide efficient and comprehensive events and meetings co-ordination service which includes:
 All local and international travel arrangements
 Securing accommodation and venues
 Planning and budgeting of events and all associated logistics
 Administrative support
 Updating of and training on the Customer Relationship Management system (database).

 Three-year post Grade 12 qualification in marketing or events management extensive experience
 Seven years’ relevant experience in a similar co-ordinating role
 Code B driver’s license

 Previous experience in similar role in a small business or non-profit organisation
 International travel experience

As Events and Meeting Co-ordinator, your key performance areas and duties and responsibilities will include:
 Events and meeting coordination
 Administration
 Logistics
 Reception/secretarial/admin support
 And any other reasonable and related tasks that may be assigned from time to time
The required competencies for these areas of delivery include:

Technical competencies
 Advanced MS Word skills (Office 2016)
 Intermediate Excel skills (Office 2016)
 Intermediate-Advanced PowerPoint skills (Office 2016)
 Intermediate MS Dynamics

Personal competencies
 Budget management skills
 Very effective time management
 High-level organising and planning skills
 A calm approach to and ability to meet deadlines
 Effective operational decision-making skills within levels of authority
 Managing conflicting requests
 Meticulous attention to detail
 Global acumen

Events and Meeting Coordinator Key Performance Area Targets Indicators
Events and meeting co-ordination/Administration
Timeous planning of scheduled events
Source best affordable venues and accommodation
Affordable, efficient travel arrangements
Budget Adherence
Diarise a weekly or daily meetings with the project manager and the support team, providing updates and progress of the event and ensuring a written email is sent to all post the meeting outlining the responsibilities and agreed terms in the meeting and the day before the event send a reminder note of responsibilities. If the event/meeting is held at the compnay ensure that kitchen, and security also gets the communications.
Prepare a file of all possible venues to be used even for upcoming events. For the current event, do site inspections with the project /general manager ensuring that all aspects i.e. the venue size, quality of the premises, safety, sufficient parking, amenities around the venue, internet accessibility, menu options, the standard of bedrooms.
Create a list of possible upgrades in case the hotel offers. Provide the hotel with the list of guests on time
Source air tickets quotes from the travel agent within reasonable budget keeping in mind of the guest’s preference where possible and get authorization from the GM, ensure flight are booked on the right dates and provide e-tickets to guests. Arrange air transfers where necessary with correct information and compile a list of drivers who will assist our guest and on the day of collection phone the drivers to ensure. Save the drivers schedule on the shared drive
Monitor and track the actual spent against the approved budget within 10% variance on line items

Invitations, confirmation letters, itinerary per event
Correct information on the RSVP’s sheet
Communicate to the PM and the researcher via email the reasonable time to send invites, confirmation letters and the itinerary based on the date of the event and ensure we have sufficient time still to send to the back-up list. Access the invitees list as soon as possible to be able to form a group on GM and check for all contacts without email addresses as this will make the process faster when the invitation is ready to be sent out. Send the invites with correct details and ensure all mails were delivered, check for bounce backs, if exist search for correct details and update GM and resend as and when I receive them. Before sending the invitation, verify with the invite checklist and check if all the pointers were adhered to.
Manage this accurately and keep filing of all the people who have rsvp’d in case an email gets deleted from GM. Prepare and send an excel report to the team with statuses of invited daily and save the latest version on the shared drive and communicate where this is saved. When doing the name tags, go through the rsvp file to ensure everyone is included on the list and they will have an accurate name tag at the event.
Create different files for different events
Ensure boardroom set up takes place if possible 2 days before an event taking place  if
Ensure that comprehensive documents are saved on the drive under a specified folder as per the event and that they readable and accessible.
there are no meetings scheduled
Set up of required and correct equipment should be in place
Ensure the itinerary is attached on the shared calendar for general staff to access and have knowledge of all meetings
Reception /secretarial /admin support
External events –
Source the best caterer who is reasonably priced and provides quality food and is reliable.
Dedicate efficient service and timeous feedback at all times when required
External Events -
Create a file of caterers used in the past and the feedback received post the event in case we got a questionable service from them, obtain different menus and check If they cater for different dietary requirements. Upon ordering the food check with the GM/PM first and when sending the order through copy either the GM/PM on that email to be able to track in the event of any unforeseen circumstance. Ensure that the delivery takes places at least 2hrs before the lunch to manage any disaster that can come along with delivering.
Invoices paid less than 48hours after receiving them to ensure we don’t lose the booking if not possible make arrangements with the supplier. Verify with the GM if we need to use the credit card or pay the EFT. If the credit card was used, follow up to see if refunds took place and the right amounts were deducted from the venue as well.

Offer senior admin support when required
Ad hoc assistance i.e. data clean up
CRM Administration, Co-ordination and training
Ensure that staff understand Goldmine and how it works
Be the ‘Go to’ person when someone needs help.
Ensure problem solved within 24 hours.
Oversee updated contacts/records.
Ensure PCB backups daily.
Ensure monthly maintenance by Click IT.
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