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Projects Engineer - Civil/Construction

Ghana, Ghana
The job is in principal to plan and supervise construction projects from start to finish. To organize and oversee construction procedures and ensure they are completed in a timely and efficient manner. S/He must be well-versed in all construction methodologies and procedures and able to coordinate a team of professionals of different disciplines to achieve the best results.

This is a permanent position in Ghana.  We are looking for a SA citizen, with a valid passport and Yellow Fever Card.  If you get the position - you will be flown home on a rotation basis, paid a basic in USD, get housing, transport, food allowance and medical.  English is essential. 

Job Summary
Project manager is responsible for the project to meet it’s goal by control the time, cost and quality to the full satisfactory of the client. To plan and coordinate all aspects of the project process, including hiring subcontractors and working with engineers, designers and vendors.

Essential - Non-negotiable requirements
You must have experience in construction projects for buildings, roads, warehouses, railways etc. from inception to finish

  1. Establish and maintain cooperation with the client that will lead to the success of the current project and increase the chances for future projects.
  2. Project planning at the level and detail required to ensure the success of the project
  3. Determine needed resources (manpower, equipment and materials) as well as wise and effective use of recourses allocated for the project.
  4. Prepare & Implement project program of work.
  5. Supervise the work of laborers, mechanics etc. and give them guidance when needed
  6. Coordination and synchronization between all parties involved in the project (Workers, designers, subcontractors, Authorities etc. )  , as required for its success.
  7. Negotiate and management of project’s subcontractors and suppliers
  8. Regular monitoring and reporting to management, and the externalization of status to the Company's management
  9. Prepare and submit project bull and estimates
  10. Prepare & process of change orders and variations.
  11. Prepare & Implement of safety program and quality control
  12. Escalating problems that he cannot solve
Report to:
Division Manager
Measured by
  1. Meeting project program and all milestones.
  2. Compliance with the engineering content
  3. Meeting the project budget
  4. Meeting high standards of quality
  5. Meeting other predefined success factors
  6. Compliance with customer expectations according to company norms.
  7. The ability to maintain management updated at any time in the project situation
  8. Sense of belonging and pride among the project team
  9. Improvement (against a predetermined goal) compared with previous projects in all the above parameters
  10. Assistance in tender documents.
  • Proven experience as construction project engineer /manager. At least 3 years
  • In-depth understanding of construction procedures and material and project management principles
  • Familiarity with quality and health and safety standards
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and MS projects
  • Familiarity with construction/ project management software
  • Good communication and negotiation skills
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • A team player with leadership abilities
  • BSc in engineering, building science or relevant field
  • PMP or equivalent certification will be an advantage
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