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Chief Executive Officer - Vegetable Production

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Our client was established in 1994. The Company’s operations include large scale farming using conventional farming techniques as well as hydroponics and processing, packing and distribution, on a  500 hectare farm in Bapsfontein, of which 430 hectares are currently under vegetation. They have a packing house which allows for bulking, sorting, packaging and labelling in line with procurement standards which are a pre-requisite for participating in formal value chains. On the farm is a cold storage facility.
The CEO is responsible for implementing the Company’s strategy with a view to creating shareholder value and is ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and implementation of the short/long term plans. S/he acts as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the Company and also communicates to shareholders, employees, Government authorities, other stakeholders and the public.
 Primary duties and essential tasks:
  1. Oversee the company’s farming operations to ensure that the products comply with the highest standards of its customers.
  2. Leading the executive management of the company's business, consistent with the strategy and commercial objectives agreed by the Board
  3. Promoting, and conducting the affairs of the company with, the highest standards of integrity, probity and corporate governance.
  4. Act as a liaison between management and the Board.
  5. Leading the executive team in effecting the Board's, and where applicable its Committees', decisions.
  6. Ensure the integrity of all public disclosure by the Company.
  7. Maintenance and protection of the reputation of the Company and its subsidiaries. 
  1. Setting and leading the vision and purpose of the organization in consultation with the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  2. Ensure that the Company maintains high standards of corporate citizenship and social responsibility wherever it does business.
  3. Working with the executive team on researching, proposing and developing the Group's strategy and overall commercial objectives, in consultation with the Chairman and the Board.
  4. Ensuring that the executive team gives appropriate priority to Board reporting in an accurate, timely and clear nature.
  5. Keep abreast of all material undertakings and activities of the Company and all material external factors affecting the Company and to ensure that processes and systems are in place to ensure that the board and management of the Company are adequately informed.
  6. Ensuring that the development needs of the executive directors and other senior management reporting to them are identified and endeavoured to be met.
  7. Ensuring that Management Development Reviews regarding their executive and management duties are carried out at least annually in respect of all the executive directors. Providing input to the wider Board evaluation process.
  8. Ensuring, in consultation with the Chairman and the Company Secretary as appropriate, that the executive team comply with the Board's approved procedures, including each Committee's Terms of Reference. 
Key Skills & Qualifications 
  • A minimum of 10 years’ industry specific experience;
  • Excellent leadership and written communication skills;
  • Proven experience as a Chief Executive Officer or other leadership role;
  • Business and financial acumen;
  • An appropriate bachelors’ degree is a minimum. 
Salary expectations
  • Market related depending on experience and track record
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